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NOT LUXURY LIVING The Penthouse Cabaret — 1019 Seymour

Blog by Ian Watt | November 9th, 2006


The Penthouse — 1019 Seymour
Historical sites in Vancouver

Until 20 years ago, most prostitutes in Vancouver worked in bars or hotel rooms. In 1975, after a six-month investigation, the owners of the Penthouse Cabaret — where up to 50 prostitutes could be found on any given night — were charged with living on the avails of prostitution. This famous bust is said to have been the cause of large increase in street prostitution. Seymour Street today is Vancouver's 'high track' where Vancouver's prettiest and priciest work. In the photo spread below, you can see the response from the girls to a smart ass's idea of a funny rotating billboard in the summer of 1999.

The penthouse -- at dusk, 1019 seymour street. photo: andy sorfleet, summer, 1999.