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Voted the #1 luxury building in Vancouver for 2008 - The Grace

Blog by Ian Watt | October 17th, 2008

Voted the #1 luxury building in Vancouver for 2008 - The Grace

1280 Richards Street, Vancouver, V6B-1S2, BC, Canada 

The Grace - Regal and majestic, reminiscent of old-world European opulence, the Grace Residences radiate sophistication and elegance.  Whether it’s the magical, award-winning gardens, the sculpturesque craftsmanship, or the state of the art biometric technology, the Grace represents the finest in Vancouver urban elegance.  

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The Vancouver Condo Awards®

The 2008 Vancouver Condo Top 10 Luxury Buildings Awards    


Ian Watt's Vancouver Condo (Vancouver-Condo.ca) produces the annual Vancouver Condo Awards® that honour excellence in Vancouver luxury condo living. The victorious finalists exemplify the highest caliber of real estate living in stratafied Vancouver. Unlike other awards given to developers by developers, this is not a construction industry sponsored award. The Vancouver Condo Awards® are private awards given by some of the top real estate professionals in Vancouver, Canada. Its the culmination of great partnerships, commitment and dedication to the high standards of luxury living.